Wawa Book Review Young Literary Critics Fellowship Competition

Opened for Entries 5 March 2018

Closed 30 April 2018

We are pleased to make the Call for Entries for the 2018 Wawa Book Review Young Literary Critics Fellowship Competition.

The ten winners of the competition will be offered a ten-month fellowship during which time they will receive practical training in literary criticism, new books from around the continent, a small monthly stipend and the chance to participate in an all-expenses-paid critical writing workshop with leading critics and editors from around the continent.

Entry is free. To enter, submit a review of one book from the ten listed below.

YA/ Children’s Literature: Eno’s Story by Ayodele Olofintuade, The Torn Petal by Teresa Oyibo Ameh

Drama: Iredi War by Sam Ukala, Melancholia by Dul Johnson

Poetry: A Woman’s Body Is a Country by Dami Ajayi, A Good Mourning by Ogaga Ifowodo

Fiction: Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John, Season of Crimson Blossoms by Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

Non-fiction: Love Does Not Win Elections by Ayisha Osori, Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Any of the titles above may be reviewed. However, special consideration will be given to reviews of any of the books listed under the YA/ Children’s Literature and Drama categories. Nevertheless, all reviews will be judged based on the evidence of rigorous, analytical thought, creativity and a mastery of the use of English. The Terms and Conditions of the competition are below.

Terms and Conditions

Failure to meet the terms and conditions below would mean automatic disqualification from the competition:

  1. The competition and the fellowship are open to all students in Nigerian universities who were under the age of 35 as at 1 January 2018.
  2. Entries must be in the form of an email to comments@wawabookreview.com that must be received before 4pm on Monday, 30 April 2018.
  3. The subject of the email must be ‘Entry for the Wawa Book Review Young Literary Critics Fellowship Competition’.
  4. The body of the email must provide each of the following details on a separate line: the entrant’s full name, date of birth, gender, phone number and the book review word count. The body of the email must have nothing apart from the five lines described above.
  5. The book review entered for the competition must be between 1,000 and 1,500 words, typed in 12-point Arial typeface, single-spaced and attached as a pdf document.
  6. The entrant must not type their name or provide any other form of identification on the pdf attachment. All entries are to be judged blind.
  7. As attachments to the same email, the entrant must provide clear, scanned images of the front and the back of their student ID card.
  8. All emails that meet the terms and conditions will receive an acknowledgement on or before 5 May 2018. However, there will be no response to entries that do not meet the terms and conditions. There also will be no response to questions or any other sort of correspondence.
  9. No entrant should make multiple entries. No entry should have more than one book review attached. No book review should focus on more than one of the titles on the competition list, and only a book from the competition list should be reviewed.
  10. The fellows will be announced on the Wawa Book Review website on 28 May 2018. The award of the fellowship is subject to a winning entrant’s acceptance and signing of the fellowship contract. Wawa Book Review’s decision is final. No correspondence or discussion concerning Wawa Book Review’s decision will be entertained.